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These are Phentermine 37.5 mg pills that are manufactured by KVK Tech. Phentermine is one and only medication that actually helps in weight loss. It curbs your appetite and forces the body to burn all the extra fats.

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Phentermine is a very effective and famous drug that is prescribed for the reduction of weight. This drug gives positive results in getting rid of the extra weight along with the proper diet plan and regular exercise. It is important to use this medicine after getting a prescription from a doctor. It is not only beneficial for your health but also makes it easy to get it from a pharmacy.

Phentermine’s stay in the body system:

Phentermine is a widely used drug for obesity and it has proved itself as the most effective drug. It is a sympathomimetic drug and works through its effects on the central nervous system. It increases the level of certain neurotransmitters which then suppress appetite. When it is administered, it shows almost complete absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

Phentermine stays in the body for the period which starts with drug administration and ends when drug completely excreted from the body. The half-life of drugs can be defined as the time required to metabolize half the amount of administered drug dose.

Phentermine half-life is approximately 25 hours but multiple factors like the pH of urine affect this period. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 days means five to six half-life to leave the body but different factors like age, weight, metabolic rate of the patient, therapy duration, drug dose, and body fat affect its excretion.

It is recommended to take phentermine with regular work out and a restricted diet. Work out will help to fasten metabolism and thus prevent the deposition of fat.

Time phentermine takes to kick into the body system:

Phentermine comes directly in blood after absorption from the GIT tract. It reaches its peak concentration in almost three to four hours. The drug starts giving its effects after reaching its peak plasma concentration. Cmax is the maximum concentration of drug in the plasma at which it gives maximum effect.

The composition of the dosage form affects the absorption rate. Phentermine is available in combination with resin complex or hydrochloride salt. Hydrochloride salt makes its absorption fast as compared to the resin complex. So the entry of the phentermine in blood circulation to show its appetite suppressant effect depends on its dosage form composition. 

Weight Patient expects to lose on phentermine:

Phentermine gives speed to the weight loss journey. It provides aid in this weight loss process. Phentermine suppresses appetite which helps to control food intake thereby gives control of the daily intake of calories.

It is observed that patients reduced 5% of their initial body weight at the start of therapy and which may reduce more when it is used regularly. The greater effect is observed after the regular use of phentermine for 12 weeks.

Patients may lose 10% of their initial body weight. It is directed to use phentermine for 14 weeks because of its effects on the central nervous system.

Effective weight loss with phentermine:

The drug produces maximum effects when the recommended dose is taken according to instructions. It is directed to take phentermine 2 hours before or 2 hours after a meal. Avoiding its use with food gives more effects as food reduces its availability by reducing its concentration available for absorption.

It is available in the form of tablets and capsules. Extended-release capsules are advised to take two hours before breakfast to get maximum effectiveness. Extended-release products provide the drug for the whole day. Phentermine is not a drug that does a miracle but helps to achieve your goals. 

Development of the phentermine’s tolerance:

Phentermine is a drug that belongs to the controlled substance prescribed only for a short time. After long time use of phentermine, the body adapts to it and decreases response to it. Repeated use of drugs makes receptors saturated.

Normally patients who use it for a long time or repeatedly use it develop tolerance and do not give the required results. Tolerance of phentermine means the body does not give the response to a drug that’s why a patient does not reduce weight while using phentermine.

When tolerance develops, dose adjustment does not help. It is always guided to the patient to observe drug effects during its use. If the patient continues to take phentermine without effect it may cause toxicity which produces life-threatening events.

Steps required in making phentermine work again after tolerance:

Phentermine fails to give a response when the patient develops tolerance. Tolerance is not a permanent phenomenon. In this condition increasing drug dose or its therapy time is not the solution to this problem.

Physicians recommend patients to quit drug therapy as a long time break improves tolerance. Drug present in the body is excreted according to the half-life of the drug and saturated receptors get rid of the drug. After some time the physician recommended to use phentermine again.

This time it starts producing its effect as expected because phentermine can bind with available receptors to give its stimulant action. It should be noted that tolerance improves but does not resolve completely. Other measures like increase fluid intake, use of acidic food and exercise also help to get phentermine out of the body quickly. Exercises boost natural metabolism which helps to eliminate the drug. 

Improved functioning of phentermine:

Phentermine helps to reduce weight more efficiently. Phentermine works more effectively when the patient follows a special diet chart to control daily calorie intake. Special diet charts are developed by dietitians according to patient health status.

Different medicines are used in combination with phentermine to increase weight loss. The pH of urine defines its stay in the body.

Making urine pH basic helps phentermine to show its effects for a long time which in return gives more weight loss effects. The most important thing during phentermine use is to avoid the use of contra-indicated drugs because they can reduce their effectiveness by interfering with its bioavailability.

Enhanced performance of phentermine:

Phentermine increases the weight loss rate by giving the appetite suppression effect. Prescriber advises patients to take a calorie control diet with muscle strengthening exercises. This will help in weight reduction but it needs determination.

Exercise makes muscles stronger and increases metabolism which reduces fat deposition in return. Eating habits must be changed. Increasing doses of phentermine will not give more effective results but toxicity which produces serious side effects.

Increasing daily fluid intake also facilitates weight loss with proper sleep. Sleep schedule ultimately affects health and enough sleep diminishes damage to health. Avoiding stress and taking vitamins gives better results.

Phentermine can disturb sleep patterns if used in the evening so it is better to use this medicine in the morning to minimize this side effect. It is very important to understand this fact that phentermine is an aid in weight loss procedure for a short time, not a constant help. 

Combination of Topamax and phentermine for weight loss:

Phentermine can be used in combination with different drugs to give better results in weight loss. Phentermine is not used with other appetite suppressants or lipid-lowering drugs due to serious issues. Topiramate is available with the name of Topamax and belongs to the class of anticonvulsants.

Topiramate is used clinically in bipolar disorders, seizures treatment and to prevent headaches caused by migraine. Topiramate is used in weight loss by using one of its most common side effects. When it is used clinically in the treatment of seizures and depression, it significantly reduces the weight of the patient.

This side effect is used as an adjuvant with phentermine. Physician’s advice to co-administer it to get better results. It is recommended to use both drugs at the same time. Physicians prescribe specific strengths of phentermine and topiramate that must be used accordingly. These two drugs are available in the market in different combinations that are prescribed according to the condition of the patient. 

Belviq’s comparison with phentermine:

Belviq contains generic Lorcaserin. Phentermine and Lorcaserincan can be compared for their effects as both have stimulating action. In 2012 FDA approved Lorcaserin for long term use in the treatment of obesity.

It gives its effect in reducing weight through satiety and feeling of fullness that helps to control food intake and reduces daily calorie consumption. Lorcaserin gives its stimulant effect through increase secretions of serotonin in the brain which regulates appetite.

Phentermine produces its stimulant action through a higher level of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. This high level of neurotransmitters is obtained by stopping the reuptake of these neurotransmitters and by blocking monoamine oxidase enzymes activity. These drugs are recommended in different doses.

The maximum daily dose for phentermine is 37.5 mg while belviq gives maximum effect at 20 mg daily. Phentermine and Belviq (Lorcaserin) are recommended to use for a short period because of their stimulant action which can cause dependency and can be abused.

Phentermine’s stay in urine:

Drugs after passing through the metabolic process leave the body. Route of excretion followed by phentermine to exit the body through urine. Phentermine is metabolized by the liver but its larger portion is excreted unchanged. Almost 70-80% of the drug is excreted in unchanged form. The dose of phentermine defines the time of its presence in urine. Normally this time varies from one to four days. Urine analysis is performed for drug detection. Acidification of urine affects phentermine stay in urine. The urine of low pH (<5) decreases this stay from 25 hours to 7-8 hours. Different tests for phentermine are performed through urinalysis.

Phentermine flush out of your system:

Phentermine stays in the body for two to three days. It needs five to six half-life for its complete removal from the body. Different factors increase drug excretion thereby reduces its stay in the body. The patient’s greater metabolic rate also impacts its elimination. Other than that longer duration of the regular workouts also increases its excretion.

Greater fluid intake and more consumption of fat also speeds it up. Substances that make the urine more acidic thereby increase the drug removal from the body. Adopting different measures increases phentermine excretion from the body and can speed up the process of drug elimination from the body.

Symptoms after stopping the phentermine:

Phentermine is a drug of controlled substances that require special attention. Sudden quit of therapy produces withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include dizziness, confusion, insomnia, and irritability. These symptoms can not only disturbs the personal life of the person but can also negatively impact his social and work life as well.

Physicians recommend quitting phentermine therapy by gradually decreasing their dose. This will help to avoid withdrawal symptoms. It is recommended to use it for a short time but prolongs use causes severe withdrawal symptoms when therapy is ended. It is better to follow these guidelines for avoiding these withdrawal symptoms.

Phentermine shows up on a drug test:

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine. It is similar to amphetamine in nature. When urinalysis is performed to detect phentermine, this resemblance to amphetamine nature gives false-positive results. A screening test is performed to confirm the presence of phentermine. Phentermine presence can be detected for a specified period.

Phentermine takes three to four days to completely leave the body and after this period it cannot be detected through urinalysis. Phentermine has a half-life of 25 hours and can be detected through drug tests of urine easily during its lifetime in the body. Phentermine stays in the blood for 24 hours and if its detection is performed through blood tests it can be detected in 24 hours.

Prescription of the phentermine:

Phentermine is used as an aid in the weight loss journey. It lowers daily intake of calories and gives satisfaction to patients to avoid unnecessary food intake. 

Patients who are obese and are at the risk of other medical problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol level which can affect patient quality of life, physicians recommend them to use phentermine.

In addition to this medication therapy, it is necessary to closely monitor the daily intake of calories and they should be according to the basic needs of the body. Regular exercise helps to get rid of extra weight and also gives strength to muscles after weight loss,so for better results, it is recommended to exercise and stay active.

Online prescription of the phentermine:

Online availability of medical services helps patients to get the best medical care. Physicians deal with their patients through their official websites. They take complete information and history about the patient and then recommend this drug along with the guidelines. Phentermine can be abused and dependence may happen if it is abused that’s why physician’s recommendation is very important.

Physicians work legally while providing services online. This method is usually more helpful for those who live in distant areas or have a busy schedule of work and find it difficult to visit the doctor personally. So, this is an alternative way of getting a proper prescription of the phentermine.

Positive impacts of phentermine other than weight loss:

Phentermine is used after the doctor’s advice because it can be abused and produces dependence. It comes under control substances so a prescription is necessary when the patient wants to get it from local pharmacies. It should be used for a short period according to the physician’s instructions.

The effectiveness of this drug not only results in his weight reduction but also improves the social and work life of the people. Its positive results add up to their will power and help them in getting back their motivation. This positive psychological and physical change improves their relations with others and their performance at work.

Easy availability of phentermine:

Phentermine is easily available. It is used in the form of tablets and capsules in different strengths. These dosage forms are present as immediate-release and extended-release products. The physician suggests dose and dosage form according to the condition of the patient. It can easily be obtained at local pharmacies.

Phentermine is also available online nowadays. Easy access to the phentermine also adds to its benefits. People of any area and place can easily get it and get rid of their extra weight by using this medicine, along with exercise and diet management. It is also needed to follow proper guidelines for getting better effects.

Cost-effectiveness of phentermine:

Phentermine, which is used to suppress appetite, is an inexpensive drug. It is the most popular drug than other weight-reducing drugs and available in brand and generic versions. Phentermine’s capsules of 15 mg strength are available at $11 for a pack of 7 capsules. Different brands offer products at different rates due to the quality of drugs and excipients used. Phentermine can be purchased at discount prices.

Manufacturers offer these discount prices and local pharmacies are also offering. Online buying of phentermine gives cost-effectiveness as manufacturers provide their products directly to their patients. Medicines obtained directly from manufacturers cost low as compared to local pharmacies. They also offer discount offers and also provide medicines at less rate when health cards are used.


Phentermine’s sale on official website:

Phentermine is a drug which comes under controlled substances. It needs prescription by physicians but advancement in technology has changed many things. Development in technology has made drug availability easier. Phentermine can be obtained easily by placing orders online through official websites that work legally.

These websites must have a license that allows them to deal with drugs online. Manufacturers of phentermine now provide their products by directly connecting their consumers. These manufacturers assure to give the effective drug with the most cost-effective benefits. Stockists of phentermine also run their official websites to facilitate users.

Buying phentermine online is a very easy and convenient method which not only saves time but also facilitates patients who are unable to visit the market to use phentermine and to improve their health quality. Legally working online websites try to assure the use of phentermine for clinical purposes as much as possible. 

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