Ritalin (Methylphenidate) 10mg

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These are Ritalin 10mg pills that are manufactured by Novartis. These pills contain Methylphenidate which is one of the best medication for the treatment of ADHD and Narcolepsy. These pills can also be used for cognitive enhancement.



Ritalin 10mg is a medication to aid the people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It works on the brain substance to change its amount to a specific limit that creates prominent changes in a person’s behavior. Moreover, it helps to improve focus and attention capability of the person that helps to control behavior problems and focus issues. Ultimately the medication ensures overall task improvement and better listening skills. The medication is also effective in treating up some specific sleep disorder such as narcolepsy.

How to take it?

Before taking Ritalin it is important to consult your doctor. As it is a nerve controlling and psychological aid medicine so the prescription is very important for you. In addition to that go through the label available in the package carefully and clear all the ambiguities with your doctor about the medication. To take the medication regularly you need to follow the following guidelines:

  • Take it as pr to the direction of doctor that can be 2 to 3 times a day depends on the situation
  • The pill should be taken before a meal
  • In case of having n upset stomach makes sure to take the pill with or after a meal or snack
  • Make sure to take the pill on time with a regular schedule

What to do in case of an overdose?

Make sure to take only the prescribed amount of Ritalin 10mg. just In case of an overdose make sure to seek the medical help immediately. The overdose can increase your blood pressure, sweating, vomiting, agitation. Confusion, Loss of consciousness, hallucination and much more. You can do the following to avoid the possibilities of overdose:

  • Schedule your Ritalin 10mg intake with your meals
  • Make sure to not miss any of your doses and keep it aligned
  • In case of missing a dose do not take it with the next dose
  • Skip the missing dose and take the next one on time
  • Do not try to compensate for your missing dose anytime
  • Make sure to take the dose in the right daytime to avoid further sleeping problems at night
  • In case of any trouble with your intake management consult your doctor for an advice and better schedule.

Withdrawal problems

It is highly recommended to start up taking Ritalin 10mg with a proper doctor consultation so you will not end up having any problem. Sometimes you might feel withdraw reactions especially if you withdraw the use suddenly. After a long-term use of the medicine when you suddenly stop the use there can be different reactions you can face:

  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sleeping problems

In order to avoid all of these problems and addiction to them, medication makes sure to avoid excessive use of medication. Before withdrawing the medicine make sure to consult your doctor for some extensive tips that will help you. The doctor will reduce the normal intake of your medication and end up things properly. This will help you to avoid any of problems or addiction issues in general.

Possible side effects

Ritalin 10mg is a prescription medicine that is highly suggested by the doctors after getting the extensive case history. It is important for you to discuss everything with your doctor and provide him enough of the information that is required. This will actually help you to get the right prescription and medication. Commonly, with the use of Ritalin 10mg, there are no side effects observed by the users. But, sometimes in exceptions following can be the conditions you might have to deal with:

  • Loss of appetites
  • Weight loss
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nausea, vomiting or a headache
  • Dizziness
  • Hypertension
  • Mood swings
  • Abnormal thoughts
  • Uncontrolled muscular movement
  • Vision problems
  • A sudden outburst of words
  • Numbness in finger or toes etc.

Rarely, as a result of an adverse reaction or allergy men have to suffer from longer or painful erection or sometimes rashes, irritation, and swelling. Make sure to consult your doctor immediately and get the medical aid in case of any such problem you are facing after using Ritalin 10mg.


All the mentioned side effects are not the confirmed one and have a little ratio of occurrence in most of the users. But, to avoid even the .5% of the chances you need to take the precautionary measures that will help you to get better with the situation. Here are some precautions you need to follow:

  • Before taking up the prescription let your doctor know about all your allergies or reaction problems
  • Discuss your medical history In detail with the doctor to avoid any problem
  • Let the doctor know if you have any history of heart disease, hypertension. Heart attack, glaucoma or any family history of mental illness
  • The medicine will make you dizzy so avoid driving or using any machine after taking the medicine
  • It is important to limit your booze in order to avoid any of the harmful effects of the medicine
  • In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, you need to discuss the matters properly with your doctor
  • Make sure to discuss your prescription In detail with the doctor and clarify all the questions
  • Do not drug abuse or mix the Ritalin 10mg with any other medication

Interaction with other medicines

Commonly the reactions or side effects the users have to face are because of the combination and interaction of other medications with Ritalin 10mg. it is necessary to avoid these interactions and make sure to not mix the two drugs during a cure. It is important for you to know that what medicines can react in a combination of Ritalin 10mg. You need to avoid medication contains Dexmethylphenidate and MAO Inhibitors. Both of these components are very reactive to the composition of Ritalin 10mg.

Where to get it?

It is not a major problem to get the Ritalin 10mg online. All you need is a doctor’s valid prescription that will ensure the retailer about your usage. Make sure to place an order at the authentic online retailer and get the package sealed with security checked. Do read out the expiry and manufacture details of medicine to ensure its quality.