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Alprazolam is a prescription sedative drug sold under the brand name of Xanax. Alprazolam is available in many generic forms and also with different brand names. Xanax brand was approved by the food and drug administration in 1981. Xanax is manufactured by Pfizer. Alprazolam is a drug of the benzodiazepine class used to resolve anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

Functions of the xanax:

Brain and central nervous system functions are affected by Xanax (alprazolam). It acts as a mild tranquilizer by increasing brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which gives relax and calm feelings by slowing down nerve cell activity. In severe premenstrual syndrome, depression and agoraphobia Xanax (alprazolam) are recommended to use. Barbiturates are replaced by benzodiazepines. Xanax (Alprazolam) is recommended to use it for a short period because of its central effects. It comes under control substances and belongs to schedule IV drugs.Xanax (alprazolam) gives its effects after coming into blood circulation but it depends on the dose of a drug. The patient gets relaxing effects within one hour of its administration.

Stay of xanax in the body:

Stay time of Xanax (alprazolam) in the body system depends on the age and weight of the patient. After the administration of Xanax (Alprazolam), it can be detected for ninety days in the body of the patient. Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine of intermediate class which starts giving its effect when it reaches its peak concentration in blood. Peak plasma levels of alprazolam can be achieved in 1 to 2 hours after taking its tablets. The greater part of the drug binds to blood protein and remaining comes into circulation to show a therapeutic effect. Xanax’s (alprazolam) half-life, the time frame in which half of the drug is metabolized and then eliminated, in healthy adults is about 11.2 hours. Almost 98% of drug administered leaves the body after five to seven half-lives and clears the body. Complete elimination of drugs through urine takes at least four days.

The dose of Xanax works for a specified time:

Xanax’s long stay in the body system does not mean that you get its effect for a longer time. It starts reducing anxiety in one to two hours after administration but needs regular dosing to maintain its concentration in the blood to control anxiety. The dose of Xanax taken through mouth absorbs quickly and gets its peak concentration in the blood after one to two hours of administration and starts producing calmness, sedation, and relaxing effects that wear-off after eight to twelve hours that’s why physicians recommend using Xanax thrice a day. Extended-release products of Xanax are also available which help to reduce dosing but get effects for a longer duration. Patients using Xanax for a long period may develop tolerance which can delay the onset of its action.

Effect of the other drugs on xanax’s performance:

Maximum anxiety control with Xanax is obtained when the recommended dose is taken according to the physician’s recommendations. Co-administration of Xanax (alprazolam) with certain medicines reduces its activity. Such drugs decrease their stay time in the body which results in reduced activity. These drugs fasten the metabolism of alprazolam which increases its excretion. These drugs are termed inducers and include phenytoin, topiramate, and carbamazepine. Physicians prescribe these inducers to reduce seizure activity. To get maximum effect co-administration of these drugs should be avoided and maximum effect can be obtained.

Comparison of Xanax with Valium:

Valium and Xanax are brand names that contain drugs of the same class, which is a Benzodiazepine.  Valium contains diazepam while alprazolam is present in Xanax. Although valium and Xanax are different but are used to cure similar problems. Both drugs are minor tranquilizers that help patients to control anxiety, restlessness, and depression by increasing the effect of GABA (gamma Amino-butyric acid). The condition of the patient helps the doctor to select one of the most suitable medicine. Severe anxiety is treated well with Xanax with repeated doses in a day while valium helps patients to control less severe anxiety. Valium gives rapid response within 15 minutes while Xanax starts giving its effect in one to two hours. Side effects for both drugs are almost similar. Dependency and withdrawal symptoms appear for both drugs.

Development of the xanax’s tolerance:

In most people, xanax is an easy fix for anxiety and it alleviates the condition very effectively. It works by balancing chemicals in the brain to lessen anxiety. Abuse of drug develops an addiction, as the brain becomes dependent on the presence of drug and GABA receptors works well in the presence of Xanax but perform very poor in the absence of the drug. The dose of a drug should be carefully taken according to the physician’s recommendations because of tolerance which builds easily. Xanax is prescribed for a short period; its regular use decreases its effectiveness. Patients’ feelings of taking drug between recommended doses indicate signs of physical tolerance. When the central nervous system develops a tolerance, drug loses its activity. Increasing dose and dosage frequency does not overcome this problem as receptors become unresponsive. The physician should prescribe Xanax for management not for the cure as taking Xanax for prolong time develops dependency and tolerance. 

Overcoming the tolerance of the drug:

Xanax stays in the body for a long time even after the stoppage of its therapy. To maintain its peak plasma concentration to get maximum effect, repeated dose is recommended i.e three or four times a day depending on the condition of the patient. When the patient develops tolerance, dose adjustment or simply saying increasing dose of drug does not work then physicians recommend to taper Xanax use and discontinue its therapy for a long duration. If the patient has used it for a long time, it is highly build up in the body which needs many days to flush out of the body. When receptors become free and bounded drug is eliminated from the body, the patient may show results against the use of Xanax. Mostly physician suggests using any other drug which replaces Xanax to get a sedative effect but has long-acting action with a similar mechanism. 

Stay of xanax in urine:

Xanax belongs to the intermediate class of benzodiazepines. Almost 98% of the drug dose is eliminated after five to seven half-lives. It stays in urine for four to five days in healthy individuals but this stay is affected by many factors. Some factors decrease their stay time while others increase. Conditions that increase stay time are alcoholic liver disease, old age and obesity. Xanax (alprazolam) is metabolized by the liver and when the liver is not working well than the drug is not properly metabolized and results in the drug’s build up. The half-life of drug increases from average half-life to 19.7 hours. Half-life increases to 16.3 hours in elder patients due to the slow metabolism of Xanax (alprazolam). Half-life becomes double in obese patients and takes 2 to 22 hours to eliminate half of the drug concentration. Rate of metabolism of alprazolam is also affected by age, height, weight, fat content, the health of liver and kidney, metabolism speed, the dose of drug and duration of therapy.

Flushing xanax out of the body system:

It is not possible to flush out a quickly the drug metabolites. Its elimination can speed up in patients, who are taking a light dose of the drug but when the patient uses higher doses, the drug stays longer in the body system. Depending on types of tests, test results positive for Xanax in a different time. The test will result positive for 36 days in the case of blood, one week for urine, 90 days for hair and 48 hours for saliva. Naturally, it takes time according to the half-life of the drug. Detox methods are adopted to clear drugs.

Four detox methods for flushing out xanax:

 Four methods are adopted to flush out Xanax. The use of detox products is one of the most beneficial methods which gives reliable results according to the time frame. These products always give 100% results. A five-day detox plan is followed which flushes out Xanax from the body system. Toxin Rid detox pills are used for benzodiazepines which speed up drug elimination from the body but the drug still takes some days.Instant Clean From Detoxify is used for urine detoxification. For saliva detox, ultra-clean mouthwash. The ultra-clean shampoo is used for hair detox and instant clean is used to detoxify the blood. These products, which are used for detoxification will again develop correct markers that is why detox properties of detox products are not detected by drug tests.

Withdrawal symptoms after quitting xanax:

Xanax (alprazolam) is a Schedule IV drug that has the potential to make patients its dependent and addicted, that’s why it comes under federal control substances. Although it has fewer chances of dependency and minimum risks of misuse, care must be taken in its therapy to avoid unwanted results because of its direct action on the central nervous system. The patient also experiences euphoria. Alprazolam produces euphoria when high doses are taken. Euphoria also results when it is mixed in a solution for injection. The dosage of Xanax is greater than 4 mg in panic disorders, which can develop severe emotional and physical dependence. If Xanax therapy is abruptly stopped, serious withdrawal symptoms appear. These symptoms include restlessness, insomnia, muscle cramps, tremors, convulsions, hallucinations, sweating, and vomiting. 

Management of withdrawal symptoms:

This drug is habit-forming so it must follow the physician’s recommendations regarding its therapy, to avoid misuse of the drug. The physician recommends quitting therapy by gradually decreasing its dose to avoid unpleasant effects. Gradual reduction of the dose is termed as tapering. The physician suggests tapering xanax every three days by not more than 0.5 mg. It is strongly restricted to the use of xanax recreationally. Serious risks will result when a prescription is followed by someone other than the patient. Withdrawal symptoms can be managed by using a professional detox protocol which reduces the duration and severity of symptoms.

Drug tests of the xanax:

Tests for drug detection can be performed by analysis of blood, urine, saliva, and hair. Xanax (alprazolam) comes into blood circulation after absorption where it stays up to 24 hours. Tests give positive results after 24 hours of the intake of the xanax. Most of the blood tests are performed for suspected overdose or drug screening. It can be detected in saliva for 2.5 days. Urinalysis is performed for drug testing and tests give positive results for 4 days which may extend from five to seven days depending on several factors. Elderly, obese or liver patients metabolize drugs slowly that increases its stay time in the urine. It comes into hair after two to three weeks of administration and stays here for 90 days. As hair growth is not so quick that’s why it can be detected in some patients for up to 12 months. Detection results also depend on the sensitivity of tests. Drug metabolism is the main factor that differs in patients so it gives different values in tests.

Online prescription of the xanax:

Physician’s or pharmacist’s prescription is followed to get the best results from Xanax. When the patient experiences anxiety disorder or panic disorder, doctors recommend using Xanax which gives calming effects by reducing the severity of these conditions. Xanax is also prescribed when agoraphobia is linked with panic disorder and its use decreases the total number of panic attacks. Duration of restlessness and intensity of fear during panic attacks are well treated with Xanax. The physician educates the patient about the side effects of the drug to avoid any unpleasant event. Xanax is prescribed according to conditions and age of patient which helps the doctor to prescribe Xanax one, two or four times daily. Pharmacists guide to take tablets intact without breaking or chewing and should be swallowed with water as a whole. Physician’s prescription is mandatory for the use of Xanax. Some doctors are working online to facilitate patients but they prefer this online process for prescription refills in the case of Xanax. The physician evaluates patient disease status and necessary factors before prescribing alprazolam.

Buy inexpensive XANAX (Alprazolam) :

Xanax is the psychiatric drug, which is used for panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and anxiety linked depression. In the united states, Alprazolam is the single most prescribed drug. It is more popular than other drugs that are used to treat depression and anxiety. These inexpensive drugs are available with different generic versions and brand names in the market. It is available in different dosage forms, which are selected by physicians and pharmacists according to the condition of the patient. Disintegrating tablets, extended-release tablets, and liquid forms are available in the market. To avoid counterfeit or fake xanax, always try to get medicines from a well-recognized and reputable pharmacy. Different insurance plans and pharmacy coupons help patients to get this medicineon on remarkably low rate. For a supply of 100 tablets of Xanax of strength 0.25 mg, it costs $448. Different brands offer this product at different but comparable rates.

Buy XANAX (Alprazolam) online:

Online pharmacies are working, which provide this anti-anxiety drug without a prescription. Buying products through online websites is more cost-effective and facilitates patients as medicine is delivered in a few days at your home. Online purchase of centrally acting medicines needs to focus on certain points to avoid any problem and helps to purchase real Xanax. The website working online should be legally verified. Verified internet pharmacy practice sites (VIPPS) helps to select a reliable website. It should require a valid prescription from a qualified physician and verification of patient information to avoid recreational use.

Selecting reliable websites is important:

Selling Xanax without a prescription is illegal. Select websites after checking their head office address and phone number to avoid those who are selling unregulated medicine from overseas.As this drug has the strength to develop an addiction when misused, online purchase is dangerous for teens who are buying it online and are at risk to develop an addiction. More central addiction is possible because of its immediate effect. Serious problems can result in severe addiction due to the possibility of counterfeit drug purchases through online systems. Pfizer provides services to patients through online system and in case of counterfeit drugs, complains can be registered at official website of Pfizer.

Xanax causes improvement in the performance of the people: 

Anxiety and depression act as an impediment in the day to day performance of the person in the all walks of the life. They decrease the mental ability of the person, which consequently negatively impacts the physical performance as well. Because of which one fails to perform well at school, work and the office. The negative feedback from their environment further deteriorates their performance and also their mental ability. After the intake of xanax, people not only get rid of their mental and cognitive anxiety but it also enhances their ability of performing better in their work. They get back their confidence and work with more determination for improving their mental and working capabilities. It also positively impacts their social life.


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